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The Westfield PAL was started under the direction of Chief Albert Pfirrman in 1956.

Chief Pfirrman starting the Westfield PAL was in line with a movement in the US with creating a better relationship between kids and Cops.

The PAL (Police Athletic League) was started in New York city in the early 1900’s. Several Police Officers from NY City police department noticed that kids in the community were getting into mischief, and they decided to organize the kids in the communities’ using sports and helping to provide proper places for the kids to play.

The Westfield PAL under the direction of Chief Pfirrman the local police offices and residents began to develop programs and opportunities for the youth of Westfield to develop a positive relationship with the police officers.

In 1973 under the direction of Chief James Moran, who by the way was one of the signing Trustees and police officer for the incorporation of the Westfield PAL, reorganized the Westfield PAL with Mayor Allen Chin. Allen was a NY city PAL kid and felt that the Westfield PAL would be beneficials to the youth of Westfield to again have the opportunity of a positive relationship with the police department.

Under Mayor Chin and Chief Moran, they were able to rent The old Holy Trinity Elementary school on Trinity place. Several times a week the building was opened for the youth of Westfield to and play basketball, lift weights, play chess/checkers, ping pong, listen to music, talk with the police officers. Also, because the Westfield High School was so closed, during the spring, summer and fall there were softball games between the youth and police office as well as mix teams between the youth and officers.

At one point the Westfield PAL tried to purchase the building, but due to the cost factor was not able to do so. Once the Old Holy Trinity school was sold, the PAL was able to work out gym time with the Westfield Board of Education as well as time on the fields. The Westfield Pal also worked out facilities with the Westfield Recreation Department for programs. Around 1978 Robert Kenny was appointed as Executive Director to oversee the programs

In 1983 the Westfield PAL underwent redevelopment under the direction of Mayor Chin and Chief Moran. The Westfield PAL appointed Officer Ronald Allen as Executive Director and was directed to develop new programs and to revamp the remaining programs.

The PAL had a baseball program during the summer which was called Twilight Baseball and weightlifting.

One of the first thing that took place was to develop a working Board of Directors in order to raise funds for the new programs.

Over the years the Westfield PAL took over the town football, wrestling and started a youth girls cheer program. In the early mid 87 developed a girl’s flag football program that was held at Gumbert Field after schools on Tuesdays, A food program that was held in the municipal building in one of the multipurpose rooms., We developed a girls basketball program which later was give back to the Westfield Basketball Association. The developed and extensive weightlifting program under the direction of Police Officer Donald Fuentes and some other officers. The PAL sponsored a Bike Rodeo in which youth were taught bike safety and then at the end of the session, the youth were taken on a 5-mile ride through town. The Westfield PAL sponsored the Police Explorer Post 90. The local youth were taken to Nets, Devils games, Yankee, and Mets games. The Westfield Pal sponsored on of the National PAL Regional Baseball Tournament in Westfield and as well Westfield PAL on to win and represent Region 6 in a national Tournament. Heather Dennis represented Westfield PAL in The Running of the Olympic Torch as part the National PAL program. The Westfield PAL youth were guest of Edward Sacks at the Legends of the Quarterbacks which was a fundraiser for the Cancer Society and invited back for a second year by Wellington Mara to be his guest. The Westfield PAL received great support Chief Scutti, Arthur Goldberg, Doug Kelly, Betty List, Denise Martin and the Westfield Police Benevolent Local 90(Westfield Police Officers Union) and there are so many more residents, parents and businesses that embraced the programs of PAL.

The Westfield PAL has been a member of the National Police Athletic/Activities League since the late 70’s.

The Westfield has supported the Westfield High School in the development of the JV girls cheerleading program, Elite girls’ basketball, Varsity/JV Boys’ Volleyball and The Westfield Coed Crew Team. We were supported by the Westfield High School Athletic Directors Gary Kehler, Edward Tranchina and Sandra Mamary.